Independent research and the course Plant-Based Nutrition by 'T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies', Cornell University New York, have made us realise that a healthy plant-based diet is the easiest, most efficient and even cheapest way to reduce the risk for the most common diseases of affluence: diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, kidney failure, dementia and also certain cancers. Multiple scientific studies support this theory. By avoiding animal products (fish, dairy, meat), you will also drastically decrease the amount of pollutants consumed. These include PCBs, dioxins, heavy metals such as methylmercury, pesticides, flame retardants and microplastics.

Nutrition is still not integrated in medical education, even though it is the basic knowledge required to inform patients on the prevention of certain illnesses and to promote a healthy lifestyle. If patients were to receive this information, they would be able to gain control over the determinants of their health and as a result, improve their health.

"What I Wish I Was Taught In Medical School"